Why You Should Trust a Professional With Your Carpet Cleaning in Aurora, Illinois

Having carpeted areas in your home or wall to wall carpeting can have many benefits. The comfort of being able to walk around your home without shoes on as well as the soft padding it provides are just two of the many benefits carpet owners enjoy. The tricky and not so pleasant side of owning carpet is when you're left to deal with stains and other pesky issues. While stains can easily be dealt with most of the time, not all carpet cleaning should be taken care of by the home owner. Instead of trying to keep your carpets looking like new on your own, trust DuPage Cleanpro to take care of the carpet cleaning in Aurora for you. Here are some reasons why you should trust the professionals with your carpets.

Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Getting carpet installed in your home is a large investment. Because of the time it takes to choose the right carpet type, the right color, and the amount of money you pay for it, you should do your best to properly care for this investment. Regular at-home cleaning, like vacuuming and treating stains, will help prolong the life of your carpet. However, these basic cleaning tasks aren't enough to ensure your carpet will live a long life. Professional carpet cleanings at least two times a year will help ensure your carpet stays nicer for longer. Cleaning techniques, professional tools, and expert knowledge can all help extend the life of your carpet.

Professional Knowledge of Carpet Types

As you shopped around for your carpeting, you likely noticed there are many different types of carpets. Carpets can be made of different fiber types, be cut differently and at different lengths, and even contain different dyes and chemicals. All these factors can make cleaning one carpet type quite tricky. Solvents that work like magic on one carpet type may ruin another and certain tools used to clean one carpet may not be the most effective for another. Avoid reaching for the same store-bought carpet cleaning solution for all your carpet types. If you must, remember to try out your cleaning product on a small, hidden part of your carpet before using it to treat a stain. A professional carpet cleaning service will have the knowledge and expertise to properly care for your carpet. By hiring a professional to take care of your carpet cleaning in Aurora, you can be sure your specific carpet type will be well taken care of.

Remove Set in Stains

Most carpet owners know that the best way to remove a carpet stain is by acting right away. If you tackle a stain while it is still moist, your chances of removing it are much higher. What does that mean for those set-in stains? Stains that have dried or that have been in your carpet for a long period of time will prove harder to remove, but that doesn't mean it will be impossible. Avoid scrubbing your  carpets as hard as possible in an attempt to remove the stain. This can cause the stain to grow and may even ruin your carpet fibers. Instead, call a professional carpet cleaning service and have them take care of the hard work for you. A professional carpet cleaner will have the right tools, techniques, and knowledge to properly remove set-in carpet stains without damaging your investment. Be sure to point out stains when your carpet cleaner is in your home. This will help your cleaner understand where the problem areas in your home are and guarantee a more successful clean.

Bring New Life to a Space

It's no secret that a dirty or dull carpet can really drag down the appearance of any space in your home. Whether your carpet is holding onto a few stains or has simply lost some of its brightness, a professional carpet cleaning can help. If you've tried deep cleaning the room, rearranging your furniture, or even repainting the walls to no avail, a carpet cleaning may be just what you need. Whether you're hosting a party in your home in the near future or are just tired of coming home to a dull or dirty carpet, don't wait any longer, schedule your next carpeting cleaning now!

Don't put off getting your carpets professionally cleaned any longer! If you're looking for the best carpet cleaning in Aurora, DuPage Cleanpro is here to help! Contact us at (630) 244- 8449 to get in touch with our team of expert carpet cleaners. Be sure to ask about our CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning Systemand how it can benefit your carpets. Don't forget to check out all of the services we provide, including water damage restoration and upholstery care.

Get Rid of Carpet Odors

No matter how careful you are with your carpets, over time they may start to develop some pesky odors. Lingering carpet odors may be caused by stains, pet accidents, moisture, and even dirt. While regular cleaning and tidiness can help reduce the occurrence of odors, it may not eliminate them completely. Using store-bought cleaners and perfumes designed to treat carpet odors may help mask the problem for awhile, but they usually won't get rid of the source of the issues completely. This means that over time the odor will return. To remove the root of the odor problem, trust a professional carpet cleaning service to take care of the issue for you. Trust your carpet cleaning in Aurora to DuPage Cleanpro and ask about our deodorizing services. Not only can we treat carpet odors, but also odors stemming from other parts of a room.

Reduce Mold Growth in Your Carpet

Mold growth in any part of your home can pose serious health risks to you and your family. While some surfaces, including walls and ceilings, may be easier to clean, porous or soft surfaces can be a challenge to deal with. Included in these tricky areas is your carpet. Tracking dirt into your home can cause mold spores to live deep in your carpet fibers. These mold spores alone may not do anything serious, but when introduced to moisture, they can quickly turn into an issue. Moisture in your carpet may be caused by high levels of humidity in a room, a spill, or even by inclement weather. As mold starts to form deep in the carpet fibers or on the carpet backing, you may not even notice. Even if you vacuum a few times a week, this may not be enough to remove the mold spores that lead to mold issues. Instead, rely on a professional carpet cleaning service to to clean deep beneath the surface of your carpet. A service like DuPage Cleanpro's Carpet Cleaning System uses minimal moisture and ensures your carpet will be fully dry within a couple hours. This will help reduce the occurrence of bacteria and mold in your carpet.

Remove Pesky Pollutants

Besides mold and bacteria, there may be other pollutants hiding in your carpet. Everyday pollutants, like dirt, and other allergens are notorious for hiding in carpets. If you have pets in your home, your carpet may be holding onto pat dander, which can make allergy and breathing issues worse. Dust mites and other microscopic critters may also be using your carpet as a home. Every time your step on your carpet, you may be releasing these pollutants into the air in your home. Simple at home tasks, like vacuuming, may not get rid of the pollutants and can actually release them into the atmosphere. A professional carpet cleaning can help remove these pollutants from your carpet and improve the air quality in your home. The solution used to clean your carpet should help kill bacteria and other pollutants negatively affecting your home.

Leave the Hard Work to the Carpet Cleaners

Although carpet cleaning may seem like a light task, it can actually turn into heavy work. By hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, you can leave the stress and tiring cleaning process to the professionals. Since a professional will be equipped with the proper tools and likely already has extensive experience, the task may not be so heavy for them. To make the task less arduous for your cleaners, do vacuum your carpet before they show up. This will help remove debris on the surface of your carpet and make the cleaning more effective. You will also need to remove all furniture from the rooms being cleaned. If you prefer the furniture be moved for you, contact your carpet cleaners and ask about furniture moving prices. While some carpet cleaning services include this in their final price, others will charge extra for moving furniture.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Aurora, Illinois

If your carpets are ready for their next professional carpet cleaning in Aurora, don't put it off any longer! Contact DuPage Cleanpro at (630) 244- 8449 today to set up your next carpet cleaning! Get to know our specialized CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System that uses an ion exchange process to get your carpets as clean as possible. This process presents no health hazards and even uses an environmentally safe cleaning solution, leaving your carpets free of dangerous contaminants that may affect your pets and children. To learn more about our cleaning system and our other servicescontact us today!

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