Nasty smells and ugly stains aren’t the only things that can affect your carpets. They can also go bald and shrink. Learn why that happens here!

Carpets Can Age Ungracefully Too

Carpets are much like us in several ways. Carpets need constant cleaning to stay healthy and maintain their looks, they get older, they can shrink, and they can go bald, just like we do. That’s right! Your carpets can shrink and go bald as well! Interested in learning why that happens? Continue reading this article.


Carpet balding is not that uncommon. Most of the time you can cover up the problem with a rug or a piece of furniture, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Bald patches usually happen in areas of high-traffic. As people continuously walk over the same area, they grind dirt and debris deep into the carpet fibers, causing them to tear.  Keeping your carpets from going bald, is one of the many reasons why you need to vacuum them regularly and hire a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year. The second reason why your carpets may be balding is more unpleasant than just wear. You might be dealing with a pet infestation. Carpet moths and beetles can start laying their eggs between the carpet fibers. They especially enjoy munching on natural fibers. A pet infestation is not a reflection of your cleaning habits. Pests simply enjoy carpets.


You should only worry about shrinking if you own an Axminster or a Wilton carpet. Both of these carpets have a natural jute backing. When jute is left wet, its normal reaction is to shrink. To prevent shrinkage you just need to be sure to dry the area after a spill or a cleaning thoroughly. If you’re hiring a pro to clean your carpets for you, make sure they have an excellent reputation and a good set of tools that won’t leave your carpets wet.

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