How to Keep Your Upholstery Clean Around Pets

If you're considering introducing a pet into your family but are worried about the extra cleaning you'll have to take care of at home, don't fret! While you may have to do some extra work to keep your carpeting and upholstery clean, it doesn't have to be difficult. Keeping your home clean and odor free while being a pet owner can be quite easy to accomplish while you enjoy the company of a new furry friend. To keep your upholstery at its best, Dupage Cleanpro has these simple tips.

Keep Pet Hair Out of Your Upholstery

When your new pet moves into your home, they will likely try to find a comfortable spot for lounging. No matter what space your pet is fond of, you can be sure they'll leave behind some hair. To reduce the amount of hair they leave in your carpet and upholstery, be sure to groom them regularly. Brush your pet and bathe them regularly, but make sure to always take care of these tasks outdoors. By doing this outdoors you will reduce the chance of their hair flying around and spreading throughout your home. If your pet has a favorite cushion or chair for lounging, they will likely leave a significant amount of hair in that spot. An easy way to deal with this hair is by placing a blanket or cover over their spot. A blanket will act as a barrier between your pet and your furniture, making their hair easier to clean up. Simply toss the blanket or cover into the wash when necessary instead of trying to figure out how to clean your whole couch.

Remove Pet Hair From Your Furniture

No matter what you do, some pet hair will always find a way to make it into your upholstery and carpet. Vacuuming a few times a week will help reduce the amount of hair around your home, but vacuuming isn't enough. A professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year will help to remove not only pet hair, but also pet stains, odors, and dander. To remove hair on the surface of your furniture, all you need are some basic items. One option is to glide a dryer sheet on the surface of your furniture to pick up pet hair. Another option is to put on a damp rubber glove and lightly rub your couch with it. This method will help you gather all the pet hair on your upholstered items. You can also use basic tape to pick up even the lightest of pet hair. If you're looking for help cleaning your upholstery as well as a carpet cleaning service in Aurora, trust Dupage Cleanpro to take care of the job. Our carpet cleaning system will get your carpet clean and smelling fresh, even if you have pets in your home! Contact us at (630) 244- 8449 to schedule the best carpet cleaning around.

Take Care of Pet Accidents

It's no secret that pets sometimes have accidents, especially if they're just being housebroken. The best way to deal with accidents is by treating them right away. If your pet has had an accident on your furniture, quickly start soaking up as much moisture as possible with a clean washcloth. Allowing the stain to set can cause bad odors and a permanent stain to develop. Before using a cleaning solution on your furniture, be sure you understand the upholstery tag. Some fabrics shouldn't be treated with certain products, so you will need to ensure you understand what products are ok to use. If safe to do so, use a solution of liquid dish soap and water on the stain. Use a clean washcloth to dab the area with the solution and then remove the moisture by blotting the area with a dry washcloth. Repeat these steps until the stain is gone. Do your best to remove all the moisture and be sure the spot is completely dry before allowing anyone back on your furniture.

Avoid Damage to Your Upholstery

To prevent damage to your upholstery, there are several preventative steps you can take. Using furniture covers is a great option that will not only prevent hair from getting into your upholstery, but can also stop other damage. Scratches, tears, and stains will all be taken care of with furniture covers. To prevent damage caused by your pet's claws, keep these trim and neat at all times. There's no need to declaw your pet, simply keep their claws neat to prevent tears and snags around your home. For cats, placing a scratching post near couches and other furniture can help keep them from scratching up your furniture. If your pets tend to drag in dirt and other debris after being outdoors, place a shallow bucket of water and clean washcloths near your door. When they come back inside simply rinse their paws and dry them before allowing them back on the carpet and furniture.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me in Aurora

Whether you have pets in your home or not, a professional carpet cleaning should be taken care of at least twice a year. Contact DuPage Cleanpro in Aurora to the best carpet cleaner around. Give us a call at (630) 244- 8449 to schedule your carpet cleaning and learn more about our services.

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