How to Treat Common Carpet Stains Caused by Children

Now that school is out for summer, your children will likely be spending a lot more time at home. While this is great news for the family, it may not be the best news for your clean carpets. Although your carpets may see a few more stains over the summer months, don't worry too much. Most carpet stains are easy to treat and remove before they have a chance to become permanent. Follow these tips from Dupage Cleanpro in Warrenville to get rid of some of the most common stains caused by children.

Treat Fruit Punch Stains

Fruit punch is the drink of choice for many kids and even some adults. The sugary, colorful drink is a great summertime option, especially at barbecues and other seasonal get-togethers. However, finding a fruit punch stain on your carpet may cause you to become the opposite of a fruit punch fan. Before this stain has a chance to set, grab your carpet cleaning supplies! Start by blotting the stain with a clean, dry washcloth to remove as much of the excess moisture as possible. While you do this, have someone mix together a tablespoon of liquid dish soap, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and two cups of warm water. Once the solution is ready, dab it onto the stain using another clean, dry washcloth. Let the solution set for a couple of minutes and then soak it up with a dry washcloth. Continue to repeat this process until the stain has been lifted. Next, apply some water to the stain with a sponge. After soaking up the water with a clean washcloth, blot the stain with some rubbing alcohol. Soak up the rubbing alcohol with a clean washcloth and proceed to rinse the stain by blotting it with cold water. Finally, soak up the excess moisture and allow the spot to dry completely.

Dealing With Skinned Knees and Bloody Carpets

Outdoor playtime can be loads of fun, but sometimes this fun is interrupted by minor accidents that end in scraped knees and other small cuts. If your child runs inside with a skinned knee looking for first aid help, they may get some blood on your carpet. Although most people think blood stains are permanent, they can actually be removed. After treating your child's scrape, do your best to soak up the blood in your carpet by using a clean washcloth to absorb it. Treat the stain by blotting some mild laundry detergent onto it using a washcloth. Blot up the excess moisture and then treat the stain with a solution made up of one tablespoon of ammonia and half of a cup of warm water. Blot this solution onto the stain carefully, avoiding causing the stain to spread. Soak up the solution and the stain using another clean, dry washcloth. Finally, rinse the stain by blotting it with cold water and allow the spot to dry before allowing foot traffic over it. If you're looking for the best carpet cleaning service in Warrenville, contact Dupage Cleanpro to be sure you're getting the best treatment around. Our natural carpet cleaning system will get your carpets back to their best without using harsh chemicals that can be dangerous for your family. Contact us at (630) 244- 8449 to schedule the best carpet cleaning around.

How to Prevent Stains This Summer

One great way to ensure your carpets see fewer stains this summer is by taking preventative measures. Follow these simple tips to reduce the number of new stains in your carpet.

Use Area Rugs

Areas rugs are great for decorative purposes but can also create a barrier between your carpet and potential stains. Place area rugs in spaces where stains are more common. Using runners in high foot traffic areas can also reduce stains and keep you carpet fibers protected against damage.

Invest in Door Mats

A welcome mat is more than just a cute accessory for your home. Placing mats in entryways can help reduce the amount of stain causing agents that are transported into your home. Dirt, grass, and water can be caught by mats before they have a chance to make it onto your carpet.

Set Rules for Carpeted Areas

Setting rules for your carpeted rooms may seem a bit over the top, but this can help reduce the number of stains you're left dealing with. Simple rules include no eating in carpeted spaces, no outdoor shoes on the carpet, and no drinking colored drinks over carpeting.

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