Get Your Home Clean This Spring

Spring is the perfect season to take care of some deep cleaning at home. Use these tips to get your home back to its best after a long winter.

General Spring Cleaning Tips

Before starting to tackle all of your spring cleaning, there are some general rules to keep in mind. As you clean, keep your cleaning efforts focused on one room at a time. Trying to get multiple rooms clean at the same time can make the process slower and more overwhelming. As you start to work on a room, be sure to have a couple of boxes or bags with you, one for things you plan to donate, another for things you want to sell, and finally one for trash. This will help you get rid of unnecessary clutter as you tidy up spaces. Finally, cleaning should always be done from top to bottom. This means that as you start dusting, take care of items that are higher off the ground and work your way down. This will help prevent dust from settling onto a surface you already cleaned.

Pay Attention to Forgotten Areas

Although most people have a pretty regular cleaning schedule that they follow weekly, spring cleaning is all about going further. As you tackle your cleaning, be sure to pay attention to areas that are typically overlooked, but that can make a huge difference in your home. An example of this would be the walls. You may not pay attention to the condition of your walls unless they're very obviously damaged or if you're planning to repaint. Be sure to include scrubbing down your walls as part of your deep cleaning, and you'll see just how much this can brighten up a room. Other areas to consider include the ceiling, baseboards, doors, and door frames.

Get Your Carpet Perfectly Clean

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned is a great option as we welcome the spring season. After a harsh winter that likely wreaked havoc on your clean carpet, a professional carpet cleaning service can make your home look like new. Take care of your usual carpet cleaning tasks, like vacuuming, but trust a professional to get your carpet looking and smelling great this spring.

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Deep Clean the Bathroom

Cleaning the bathrooms in your home is also likely a part of your regular weekly cleaning routine, but use this time to give them a deep cleaning. Start by decluttering and removing unnecessary items that can make the space look untidy. If you're guilty of housing too many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or anything else around your tub, you're not alone. Figure out which of these you're actually using and get rid of the rest. The same goes for the items around your sink and your medicine cabinet. As you look through your medicine cabinet, look out for expired items that should be tossed. Once you've decluttered, remove items that look like they've been affected by mold and mildew. Examples of these items may include your shower curtain or a bath mat. Replace these items but wait until you're done cleaning to introduce them into your bathroom.

Upholstery and Drapes

As you're vacuuming your carpet, keep in mind that your vacuum likely has attachments that you can use to clean your upholstery and drapes. These attachments can help remove dust, pet hair, and crumbs that aren't only unsightly; they can also cause odor issues and stains later on. If your drapes need it, get them washed before putting them back into use. To remove dust from drapes, you can also place them in the dryer on a low setting with a dryer sheet.

For additional help getting your upholstery clean and ready for spring, contact Dupage Cleanpro. They offer upholstery care services that will help lighten your spring cleaning load.

Consider Repainting

If your home looks like it could use a bit of brightening up, a fresh coat of paint might be the answer. You can use the same shade or opt for something new. Either way, a fresh coat of paint has the potential to change the whole feel of a room. If you don't think your walls need that much help, even just repainting details can help brighten up the space. Painting a door, doorframe, or even just one wall can be much easier and have a similar effect.

For even more spring cleaning suggestions, check out this spring cleaning checklist.

Spring Carpet Cleaning in Aurora, IL

Don't forget about your carpet as you tackle your spring cleaning checklist! Schedule your next carpet cleaning service in Aurora, IL by contacting the professionals at DuPage Cleanpro. Give them a call at (630)244-8449 to learn all about their carpet cleaning services and their upholstery care services.

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