If you’ve scheduled a carpet cleaning, there’s still more work to be done than just a phone call. Be as prepared as possible to welcome the cleaners into your home with these tips.

Remove Large Furniture

Large furniture items may get in the way of your carpet cleaning. If you prefer that your carpets get cleaned wall to wall, you will have to move these items to another space. While some carpet cleaning services include the cost of moving furniture in their rates, others may not perform this duty or may charge you an additional fee to do it. Double check with your cleaning company before deciding what to move on your own.

Declutter the Space

Once you’ve removed any large furniture items that may be in the way, take the time to declutter and remove the small items as well. Smaller items, such as toys, chords, and shoes, can get in the way as your cleaners get their job done. Although they are easy to move out of the way, this may be a hassle for your cleaners to do. These smaller items also have the potential to turn into a tripping hazard in the room. Finally, remember to pin long drapes and bedding to prevent it from getting in the way.

Store Fragile and Valuable Items

If there are fragile items in the room being cleaned, be sure to remove these before the cleaning and store them somewhere safe. A carpet cleaning uses large equipment that may run into furniture and walls, causing fragile items to move or even fall. Prevent any damage by storing these items someplace safe. If there are valuable items in the room, be sure to remove these and store them out of sight in order to avoid any potential issues.

Vacuum Before a Cleaning

It may sound silly to vacuum your carpet before a professional cleaning, but this is a standard part of the process. A vacuuming before cleaning will help remove dirt and other debris on the surface of your carpet. When you call to schedule your cleaning, be sure to ask if this is included in your service. Some companies will take care of the vacuuming for you while others prefer that you take care of this beforehand.

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Identify Trouble Areas

Before your cleaners arrive, examine your carpet and figure out what areas tend to give you the most trouble. Usually, carpets see more wear in exposed areas because they get a larger amount of foot traffic and are more exposed to stains and fading. Whatever the case may be, identify these trouble areas and point them out to your cleaners. This will help ensure the cleaners give these areas extra attention as they work. You can also ask for tips on how to maintain these areas at their best.

Keep an Eye on Small Children

If there will be small children in your home during your scheduled cleaning, be sure someone can keep an eye on them. Most small children tend to be quite curious and may end up getting in the way while the cleaners work. Avoid having them walk over freshly cleaned areas or messing with cleaning equipment by keeping them in a part of the home far from the cleaning site. Since there will be equipment in other rooms of your home, be sure they aren’t running through the house. It’s also important to note that some entryways may be kept open for the duration of the cleaning.

Leave a Spot in Your Driveway

Most cleaners will need a parking space for their truck that leaves them as close as possible to an entrance in your home. This is due to the amount and type of equipment they will be working with when cleaning your carpet. Some equipment requires that they run hoses from their truck to the rooms being cleaned. If the driveway will be the most convenient spot for them to park in, be sure to leave a space for them. You can always double check with the cleaning service so that you’re prepared when they arrive.

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