The Health Effects of Clean Carpets in Aurora

Clean carpets don't only look and smell better, they also make a huge difference on your health. If your carpets aren't properly taken care of, they can contribute to issues with allergies and asthma. DuPage Cleanpro in Aurora has some tips to help...

How to Maintain Your Carpets Cleaner in Kane County

If you have a hard time keeping your carpets looking great, follow these simple tips from DuPage Cleanpro in Kane County for the best looking and smelling carpet all year long.

Vacuum Better

Although it may sound silly, there are things you can...

How to Treat Common Holiday Carpet Stains

The holidays are the best time to enjoy the company of your family and friends, so why not host a holiday party? If your home is carpeted, you might be worried about your guests potentially spilling and causing stains. Don't fret, whether you host a...

How to Remove Chocolate from Your Carpet

The fall season has plenty of holidays to celebrate with your family. Huge parts of what makes these holidays fun are the delicious meals and appetizing treats that they come with. Even if you're careful while eating in carpeted...

How to Prepare for a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Getting a professional carpet cleaning is great way to help your home retain some of its value at a small price. If you think your carpet looks like it could use professional help keep in mind that a professional service can help remove...

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean Around Pets

Accidents happen, there's no other way around it. If you have carpeting in your home, accidents can feel like the end of your clean carpets. This is especially true if the accident source is one of your pets. Not only will you have to remove your pet's...
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Stop Mold from Growing on Your Carpets

If your home has suffered water damage, one of the biggest challenges with your carpets will be preventing mold from growing on them. Acting quickly is the best way to ensure your carpets don't become infested with unsanitary mold. DuPage Cleanpro in...
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Cleaning does not need to involve high-toxic products. Here are some changes you can make to keep your home clean that do not require commercial products that can cause harm to the environment or family members.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Bite the Dust

Old newspapers and magazines gather dust, get...

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