The Health Effects of Clean Carpets in Aurora

Clean carpets don't only look and smell better, they also make a huge difference on your health. If your carpets aren't properly taken care of, they can contribute to issues with allergies and asthma. DuPage Cleanpro in Aurora has some tips to help you understand the importance of periodic professional carpet cleanings.

What's Hiding in Your Carpets?

Even if you vacuum your carpets often and take care of them with at-home treatments, you may be surprised to find they still need professional help. Oftentimes, do-it-yourself carpet treatments and cleanings take care of problems on the surface. For issues deep in your carpet, trust a professional carpet cleaner to remove dust mites, mold and other pollutants hiding in your carpet fibers.

At Home Carpet Cleaning Solutions

At home carpet cleaning solutions are a great way to keep up with basic carpet maintenance. It's important that you remember to perform basic maintenance, but be sure you're taking the proper steps to keep your carpets clean.

Vacuuming Your Carpets Efficiently

One of the most essential steps in keeping your carpets clean is properly vacuuming them at least twice a week. Be sure to replace old vacuum bags and empty the dust bin regularly in order to prevent dust from being blown back onto your carpets.

Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaners

If you use store bought cleaners to keep your carpets at their best, be sure to understand what exactly you're exposing your carpet to. Read the ingredients in your carpet cleaners in order to ensure you're not exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals. Oftentimes, 'green' products or natural products will be safer for your carpet and your health. Remember that a professional carpet cleaning in Aurora is recommended at least twice a year. Contact the professionals at DuPage Cleanpro in Aurora at (630) 244- 8449 to schedule your next carpet cleaning. Our team of experts is ready to help bring your carpet back to life.

Health Benefits of a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Aurora

In order to keep those in your home healthy and your carpets at their best, be sure to get a professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year. Even if you take great care of your carpets, you will still benefit from the professional techniques and tools used by a carpet cleaning service.

Remove Pollutants Trapped in Your Carpet

Keeping up with vacuuming and general carpet cleaning may make you think your carpet is thoroughly clean, but the reality is much different. Carpets tend to contain dangerous pollutants that require a professional cleaning to keep your carpet at its best. Pollutants hiding in your carpet may include pet dander, mold, cockroach allergens and dirt spores. Your home may even suffer from toxic gasses being trapped and released into the air by the pollutants deep in your carpet. Simply walking over your carpet can cause these toxic gases to be released into the air in your home. To prevent this from happening, a professional carpet cleaning service will use high powered vacuums and shampoos to get the pollutants out of your carpet.

Reduce the Possibility of Mold Growth in Your Carpet

There are several factors that contribute to mold growth in carpets. One of the most widely recognized factors is the presence of moisture or high humidity levels present in a carpeted space. Another less well known contributor to mold in carpets is basic dirt. Moisture can be the result of humid climates or can be tracked onto your carpet on rainy or snowy days. Moisture combined with the dirt deep in your carpet fibers makes the situation even worse. What most people don't realize is that dirt contains mold spores that can create a mold issue deep in your carpet when moisture levels are high. To prevent this from becoming an issue in your home, contact a professional carpet cleaning system to take care of your carpets.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you know the importance of maintaining the air quality in your home. If you have carpeting in your home, good air quality indoors may be harder to maintain. Contaminants and pollutants present in your carpet fibers may cause air quality to suffer and allergies to be triggered. While vacuuming may help remove contaminants present on the surface of your carpets, you will need the help of a professional carpet cleaning service to take care of those deep in your carpet fibers. Rely on a professional service to help you breathe easier in your home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me in Aurora

If your carpets are ready for their next professional cleaning, schedule your next professional carpet cleaning with DuPage Cleanpro in Aurora. Contact us to find out more about our carpet cleaning system. Give us a call at (630) 244- 8449 to schedule your carpet cleaning and learn more about our services.

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