Tips to Help Your Identify and Deal with Carpet Mold

Mold growth in your home and your carpet is less than ideal for many reasons. To help you identify mold and properly prevent it, read these tips.

Identify Carpet Mold

Carpet mold can be tough to find and identify in its early stages because it may not be visible at all. Luckily, there are various ways to identify this issue and take care of it.

Unpleasant Odors

All mold carries a certain musky odor that is a clear indicator of its presence in your home. Although you may not notice the odor because of the amount of time you spend in your home, guests and visitors may be able to notice it quicker. If you have even the slightest suspicion that you smell mold, checking your home for it is necessary. Finding mold early on can help save the surface it's growing on and can help you prevent further issues.

Health Issues

Mold is known to cause a variety of health issues to those who come into contact with it. Whether you touch it, breathe it in, or ingest it, mold can cause allergy-like symptoms that include itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing, nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, skin irritation, and even breathing issues. If you notice that these symptoms are made worse while at home, you likely have mold growing in your home. To prevent further issues, carefully check all the surfaces in your home for visible signs of mold.

Visible Mold Stains

If you allow mold to grow over a longer period of time, visible stains will begin to appear. When it comes to carpet, you will likely see green, white, or black stains growing on the surface. You can be sure these aren't just a spill or a food stain because they will continue to grow in size until they're dealt with. Carpets that are very affected by mold will need to be replaced in order to keep your home and family safe.

Hidden Mold

Mold can easily hide in your carpet and under your carpet without you even noticing. To stay on top of hidden mold growth, make a habit of checking for it under your carpet. Lift up your carpet and look for visible signs and odors on the underside of your carpet. While you're at it, don't forget to also inspect your carpet padding and the hard surface underneath it for mold, rust, and other moisture issues.

Mold Testing Kits

If you think your carpet may have mold in it but you aren't completely sure, you can use a mold testing kit to get to the bottom of it. There are numerous kits available with different methods of testing, allowing you to choose the best one for your situation. Prevent mold growth in your carpet by getting the best carpet cleaning in Aurora, IL. Trust the professionals at DuPage Cleanpro to keep your carpet at its best. Contact them at (630) 244- 8449 to learn more about their carpet cleaning system and to schedule your next carpet cleaning.

Common Causes of Mold

Mold is commonly caused by high levels of moisture in the home. This can be the result of a flood, a leak, or practices that lead to high humidity in a space. If your carpet gets wet, do your best to dry it completely within 24 hours in order to reduce the possibility of mold growth.

Mold Prevention Tips

Use these tips to lower the occurrence of mold in your carpet.

Reduce Indoor Humidity

Keep humidity under control in your home with the proper equipment. Rooms that tend to have higher levels of humidity will often have condensation on the walls and windows. While you can have a space like this carpeted, it's best to use a dehumidifier to keep humidity under control.

Be Smart About Installation

When installing carpet in your home, only install it in rooms that won't put it at risk for mold growth. Areas where you shouldn't install carpet include the bathroom and the kitchen because of the high levels of moisture they're exposed to.

Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Finally, to prevent mold from growing in your carpet, have it professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Rely on a cleaning service that uses minimal moisture to clean your carpet since too much moisture can spur mold growth.

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