What to Consider When Choosing a New Carpet

If it's time for a new carpet, consider these tips before making your final choice.

Where Will Your Carpet Be Installed?

Before starting to shop around for a new carpet, there are a few things to consider. Start by identifying the space in which your carpet will be installed and what type of use this space sees. Does this room generally have a high amount of foot traffic? Does it have direct access to outdoor spaces? By knowing the answers to these questions, you will have an easier time finding the right carpet style for the space. It will also be helpful information for the salespeople helping you make your final choice.

Carpet Styles

As you look at different carpets you may notice that there are different textures. Part of this is due to the style of the carpet. There are three general carpet styles to choose from: cut pile, loop pile, and cut and loop pile. The name refers to the way the yarn strands are standing. Cut pile refers to the style which is made up of yarn strands that stand straight up. This style tends to be more luxurious and formal and is great for large areas. It's ability to resist getting crushed will depend on how many twists each strand has. The more twists, the more resistant it is. Loop pile refers to the style made up of loops of yarn. This style tends to be softer and more stylish, but it can have its drawbacks. Although it is durable and resistant, it can get snagged and get runs more easily. If you have pets in your home, looped pile may be more susceptible to snags. Finally, there is a combination of cut and loop pile. The appeal of this style mainly comes from the patterns that can be created using a combination of both styles.

What Difference Does Color Make?

The color you choose for your carpet will depend on a couple of factors. Start by taking into consideration how much foot traffic the space will get. If it gets a lot of foot traffic, light colors may not be the best. These colors will show stains, dirt, and other wear much more than darker tones. If you're carpeting a small room, a light color can help make it look larger. Another factor to consider is how much natural light the room gets. A lighter color won't show signs of fading as much as darker or richer colors. Your decorating scheme will also make a difference since your carpet will be the backdrop for the space. Choose a color that matches the color of the walls, the upholstery, and the drapes. To keep your new carpet in great shape, schedule at least two professional carpet cleanings every year. For the best carpet cleaning service in Aurora, IL, contact DuPage Cleanpro at (630) 244- 8449.

Different Carpet Fibers

There are six main materials that carpets are made of: nylon, polyester, polypropylene (olefin), cotton, wool, and acrylic. The majority of carpets are made of nylon because of the durability and affordability of this style. Not only is nylon carpeting affordable and durable, it is also able to hide stains and wear. It's great for spaces that tend to get a lot of foot traffic. Wool is more pricey than nylon but it offers a more luxurious look and feel. Polyester is a great option because of the many color options available, but it is more susceptible to its fibers being crushed. Acrylic is popular because it tends to be mildew resistant and able to withstand fading better than other fiber types. No matter what kind of carpet you choose, be sure you know how to care for it properly.

Choosing the Right Padding

Although the padding may not be visible, it is still very important. Choosing the wrong type of padding can cause your carpet to wrinkle, break down, and just not look right. The thickness of the padding will depend on how much foot traffic a room gets. Areas with greater foot traffic should have a thin and firm padding while areas with less foot traffic should have a thick and soft padding.

What to Include in Your Carpet Budget

Another major factor to consider is your budget. Carpet can get quite expensive so it's definitely a good idea to set a budget before shopping around. As you make your budget, don't forget to include factors like carpet removal, carpet installation services, and padding. To get an accurate estimate of how much you will be spending, measure the space before shopping around. If you're not sure what to look for on your tight budget, use these tips to get the best deal.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Aurora, IL

If you're not quite ready to purchase a new carpet, make yours look like new with a professional carpet cleaning. To schedule your next carpet cleaning service in Aurora, IL, contact the professionals at DuPage Cleanpro. Contact them at (630)244-8449 to learn all about their services.

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