How to Prepare for a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Getting a professional carpet cleaning is great way to help your home retain some of its value at a small price. If you think your carpet looks like it could use professional help keep in mind that a professional service can help remove stains, get rid of odors and bring your carpet back to life. Before your technician arrives, get your home ready with these simple tips from DuPage CleanPro in Aurora.

Remove Clutter

Before the professionals arrive, remove some of the clutter in your home and do some light cleaning. Remove small items from your floor that can become a tripping hazard or may get in the way of the cleaner and their equipment. Store fragile or valuable items in another area of your home in order to prevent damaging them. Vacuum your carpet in order to remove the top layer of dirt and hair. This will allow the cleaners to focus on the deep cleaning.

Clear the Area

After decluttering, move light furniture out of the rooms being treated. Have someone help you remove the furniture in order to ensure your carpet gets cleaned from wall to wall. If your furniture is too large or too heavy to move, it can stay in its place. If your cleaner has to move furniture, they may charge you an extra fee. Check with your cleaning service so you're sure you understand their policy. If you have long draperies, pin these up at least six inches above the carpet in order to ensure they don't get in the way.

Work with Your Technician

To help things move along smoothly, work with your technician. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you have to do the cleaning work. Leave a space in your driveway so your technician will have easy access to your home. Inspect your carpet for stains before your technician arrives and let them know what areas might need extra attention. If you have pets in your home, keep them in another area of your home while your carpet is being cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning in Aurora, IL

If it's time for a professional carpet cleaning, contact DuPage Cleanpro in Aurora for the most reliable carpet cleaning services. We can help get you get your carpet looking like new and smelling great. Contact us at (630) 244-8449 to schedule your carpet cleaning, and be sure to ask about all the services we provide.

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