Tips to Help You Purchase the Perfect Vacuum

If your old vacuum doesn't seem to have the same suction power as before, it may be time to invest in a new one. As technology has advanced quite quickly, so have vacuum models. Use these tips to help guide you in the vacuum buying process.

Bag or Bagless?

One of the main components of a vacuum that people focus on when shopping around is whether the vacuum has a bag or a canister. When your vacuum sucks up dirt, dust, and other debris, it collects it in either a bag or a canister. This may not sound like it makes a huge difference, but it can be very important. Vacuums that use a bag trap the debris in an internal part of the vacuum. As the debris is collected, the bag will start to fill up. Bags need to be changed before they're full in order for the vacuum to continue performing well. Some vacuums require that you toss out the old bag and replace it with a new one, while some models will allow you to empty out the bag and reuse it. Those that require that you toss out the old bag are great for people with allergies because the bag won't release any dust back into your home. Replacing the bags, however, does mean there is an added cost that can add up over time. Another option is to go with a bagless vacuum that uses a canister. Most canister vacuums include a transparent canister that makes it easier to see how much debris has been collected. This is great for two main reasons. The first is that you can see how full the canister is, making knowing when to empty the canister much easier. The second reason is that if you accidentally suck up something valuable, it's quite easy to retrieve it from the canister. One downside to the canister is that while emptying it into the trash, some of the debris can fly back out into your carpet. To prevent this, you can empty the canister outdoors.

Filter Types

Filters can differ between vacuums, but most people aren't sure what the difference is. There are three main types of vacuum filters: disposable filters, washable filters, and HEPA filters. Disposable filters, like some bags, are an added cost because they will need to be thrown out and replaced periodically in order to ensure your vacuum performs at its best. Washable filters, like their name states, can be removed and washed before being put back in your vacuum. Some of them are even dishwasher safe, making your job that much easier. Finally, HEPA filters are able to trap smaller particles than most types of filters. They are great for people who have allergies and for those who have pets living in their home. Although vacuuming is an important part of carpet maintenance, it isn't enough to keep your carpet clean. For this, you will need to get a professional carpet cleaning in Aurora, IL at least a couple times a year. For the best carpet cleaning service in Aurora, IL, contact DuPage Cleanpro. Give them a call at (630) 244- 8449 to learn more about their services.

Do You Need a Cord?

As technology continues to improve, so do the vacuums on the market. While you're probably used to seeing vacuums that only function while plugged in, there are also models that can be charged and used without a cord. A cordless model may be more user-friendly because you won't ever run out of cord and you won't have to worry about the cord getting caught on furniture, but it may not always be the best choice. If you only have to worry about vacuuming a small carpeted area, a cordless vacuum will work just fine. However, if you have wall to wall carpeting, a cordless vacuum may be a hassle. This is due to the fact that these types of vacuums don't have a long run time. If you're using a cordless vacuum, you may have to cut your vacuuming into chunks because you will have to wait for it to charge and be ready for use again. Although having to unplug and reconnect your vacuum every so often can be a hassle, waiting for your vacuum to charge is a larger inconvenience.

Other Important Considerations

When looking for a vacuum consider what you will need it for. Will you only be using it on carpet or will you also use it on hard surfaces? What types of attachments will you need for areas like stairs or your upholstery? It's also important that you take into account the type of carpet you will be vacuuming. Some vacuums use a revolving brush that helps pick up more dust, but if your carpet is made of wool, this can be a bad idea. More delicate carpet fibers can use a revolving brush, but it should have soft, flexible bristles that won't damage the carpet. Other things to consider include where you will store it, how noisy it is, how much debris it holds, and what the warranty covers. Be sure to do proper research before deciding on the right vacuum for your home.

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