Busting Common Carpet Cleaning Myths 

If you’re a carpet owner, you’ve probably heard quite a few carpet cleaning myths. In order to take care of your carpet as best as possible, it’s a good idea to investigate what is actually true and what isn’t when it comes to carpet maintenance. This post can help you understand the truth behind some common carpet cleaning myths. 

Myth: Vacuuming Is Only Necessary Once a Week 

Vacuuming should be part of your carpet’s daily maintenance. Vacuuming once a week will not be enough to keep your carpet clean, especially if you have pets in your home. To reduce the amount of debris on the surface of your carpet and the amount that gets pushed into your carpet, it’s best to vacuum daily. Doing this daily will also help maintain the air quality in your home by removing allergens, mites, and other debris that can negatively affect the air in your home. 

If I Have My Carpet Professionally Cleaned, I Don’t Need to Vacuum 

Professional carpet cleanings and regular vacuuming are both needed to keep your carpet in top shape. These two maintenance activities take care of different issues in your carpet. Vacuuming will remove debris on the surface, preventing it from penetrating deeper into your carpet. This simple task can remove dirt, crumbs, hair, and other items that sit on the surface of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning will take care of issues deeper in your carpet while also treating and removing stains. Having your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year will keep your carpet to stay cleaner, look better and smell great. 

My Carpet Looks Clean, So It Doesn’t Need Professional Help 

Just because a carpet looks clean doesn’t mean it actually is. It’s important to remember that debris like dirt and allergens will build up in your carpet over time even if you can’t see it. This buildup of debris is why it’s so important for your carpeting to be professionally cleaned at least once every year. A carpet cleaning service will remove the built up debris on the surface of your carpet and deep in the fibers. This will help prevent premature damage and wear to your carpet fibers, ensuring that your carpet lasts longer. 

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I Can Treat Carpet Stains Myself 

The amount of carpet cleaning solutions available at your local grocery store can probably convince you to take on carpet stains without any professional help. While those commercial stain removers may get the job done, they can also cause premature damage to your carpet. Many of those cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals that will not only damage your carpet, but they can also expose those in your home to unsafe conditions. Instead of running the risk of damaging your carpet and the air in your home, leave the job to the professionals. They are better equipped and have more experience dealing with all sorts of stains. 

A Carpet Cleaning Service Will Negatively Affect My Carpet 

Many carpet owners seem to think that a professional carpet cleaning will cause their carpet to shrink, change in texture, or even stain more. This misconception may be due to older carpet cleaning techniques that did cause alterations in carpeting. Many of these changes came down to the extraction technique that uses water or steam to clean carpets. Luckily, carpet cleaning technology has improved over time and moved beyond extraction methods. There are now multiple techniques and tools used to treat all types of carpeting without causing damage. You can rest assured knowing that the only change you will see in your carpet after a cleaning is its level of cleanliness. 

All Carpet Cleaning Services Are the Same 

It may come as a surprise to some, but not all carpet cleaning services perform the same cleaning routines. Each one has their own methods, techniques, and tools. Before hiring a service, be sure to do plenty of research in order to ensure you know just what they’re putting in your carpet. As you do your research, it’s a good idea to choose a service based on their methods rather than based on their price. 

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