If you want to adopt an adorable puppy but are worried about your carpet's wellbeing, there's nothing to worry about. You can definitely enjoy the company of a puppy while maintaining your carpet clean.

Tips to Care for Your Carpet After Adopting a Puppy

Whether you're surprising your kids with a new puppy or simply want a furry companion at home, adopting a pup is a great idea. If you're worried about the effects they may have on your carpet, rest assured knowing that it is possible to adopt a puppy and maintain a spotless carpet. To do this successfully, consider these tips.

Clean up Accidents

Puppies are basically babies, so accidents are inevitable. The best thing you can do is clean these up as soon as they happen. Start by removing any solid pieces carefully, and then proceed to clean up wet messes. Grab a clean washcloth and soak up any moisture left in your carpet. Avoid rubbing the stain since this can damage your carpet's fibers and even spread the stain. Use a blotting motion to soak up the liquid. Once it's as dry as you can get it, rinse the spot with a tiny bit of water. Once again, grab a clean, dry washcloth to soak up the water you used to rinse the stain. Allow the area to dry completely before walking over it.

Potty Train Your Puppy

To reduce the occurrence of accidents all over your home you will have to potty train your pup. We'd love to tell you that this is easy, but the truth is that it can be one of the most challenging parts of taking a puppy home. With that said, the end result will make your life much easier. There are two popular methods that are also the most effective: crate training and using puppy pads. Choose the method you're most comfortable with and just be consistent with it. Give your pup plenty of positive reinforcement in order to get the results you want. Remember that puppies have tiny bladders so you will also have to be attentive to their needs.

Keep Your Pet Clean

By keeping your pet clean you can rest assured knowing your home will also be cleaner. Dogs, no matter their size, can drag dirt, moisture, and other contaminants into your home through their coat and their paws. If they spend time outdoors, clean their paws and coat before allowing them back on your carpet. Bathe your pet every time they're noticeable smelly or dirty. Doing so can prevent their bad odor from being absorbed into your carpet and can reduce the occurrence of stains in your flooring. If your carpet's showing signs of wear after quite a few puppy accidents, a carpet cleaning service can help. For a professional carpet cleaning that is safe for you and your pet, contact DuPage Cleanpro at (630) 244- 8449.

Groom Your Furry Friend

Bathing your pet won't be enough to keep your carpet clean. To reduce the amount of hair your puppy leaves around the house, make brushing their coat a part of your daily routine. This will help you collect their loose hair before it has a chance to collect on your carpet. If your dog's coat needs trims, look for a professional groomer to take care of this for you. Finally, keep their nails trimmed to prevent snagging and tears in your carpet.

Keep Your Carpet in One Piece

Dogs of all ages may have a tendency to chew or suck on your carpet. This can be the result of a number of issues from teething to separation anxiety. If your puppy is teething, direct their attention away from your carpet and to a frozen treat. This will offer them relief while keeping your carpet tear-free. Having trouble redirecting your puppy's chewing to another object? These tips can help!

Keep up With Carpet Maintenance

Vacuuming can have a positive impact on your carpet's overall look and feel. After introducing a pet into your home, you will have to vacuum more often. Doing this a few times a week will help you remove dog hair, pet dander, and other debris they may have tracked indoors. It's important that you recognize that vacuuming won't be enough to keep your carpet at its best. You will need the help of a professional carpet cleaning service to keep your carpet looking great and smelling better. Do your research before hiring a carpet cleaner and be sure the cleaning chemicals they use are safe for your family and your pet.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Aurora, IL

Keep a cleaner home with the help of a carpet cleaning service. Schedule at least one professional carpet cleaning a year in order to keep your carpet at its best. For the best carpet cleaning around, contact DuPage Cleanpro at (630)244-8449.

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