Top Reasons to Get Professional Carpet Cleaning in Your Home

Regular at-home carpet maintenance tasks, like vacuuming, should keep your carpet fresh and clean. If you keep up with vacuuming and clean spills right away but notice your carpet isn't looking as great as it used to, it might be time to call a professional carpet cleaning service. Professional cleanings are recommended at least twice a year on top of your regular maintenance tasks. If you're skeptical about hiring a professional service, DuPage Cleanpro in Aurora can share some of the many benefits of getting professional carpet cleanings.

Pets in the Home

If you have furry friends living in your home, your carpets will need more maintenance and cleaning to keep them at their best. Pet hair, dirt, odors and accidents can all contribute to issues with your carpeting. Be sure to vacuum your carpet at least twice a week to remove as much pet hair as possible. If you notice your pet has had accidents, clean them up right away to avoid set in stains and persistent odors. On top of your regular cleaning, professional carpet cleaning services will help get your carpet cleaner and remove any lingering odors caused by your pets.

Tough Carpet Stains

No matter how careful your are, carpet stains are inevitable. Treating a stain as soon as it happens can usually make it easier to remove. Unfortunately, some stains don't get noticed until they've already set. A professional service is more likely to have the tools and knowledge necessary to remove tough or set in carpet stains. Pointing out tough stains when the professionals are in your home can be very helpful. It will help the professionals know what areas to focus on and what type of stains they're dealing with.

Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to work in your home a couple times a year can help prolong the life of your carpet. Twice yearly carpet cleanings using the extraction method and professional tools will help maintain your carpet at its best. Removing set in dirt, stains and other issues in your carpet fibers can bring your carpet back to life and extend its life. If it's time for your next professional carpet cleaning in Warrenville don't put it off any longer! Contact the professionals at DuPage Cleanpro at (630) 244- 8449. Our team of experts is ready to help bring your carpet back to life.

Better Indoor Air Quality

People who suffer from allergies or asthma may have a tough time living with carpet if it's not cleaned properly. Irritants and allergens may get trapped in your carpet's fibers and start to cause issues with your allergies. Rest assured that this doesn't mean you have to get rid of your plush, comfortable carpeting. All you have to do is regularly vacuum your carpet to remove irritants. Schedule regular carpet cleanings that clean deeper into your carpets and remove the irritants that are causing your problems.

Get Rid of Pests in Your Carpet

Just like allergens and other pollutants may hide in your carpet fibers, tiny pests may also make a home out of your carpeting. Dust mites and bedbugs like the warm and sometimes moist conditions found deep in carpets. To keep these tiny pests from invading your carpets you need to keep them clean and free of moisture. The deep cleaning performed by professional cleaning services can give you an extra hand when dealing with these unwanted pests.

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Carpet

If your carpet gets wet or is situated in an area of your home with high humidity or moisture it can create the ideal conditions for mold growth. Even if you do your best to keep your carpet dry and away from moisture, mold spores from dirt in your home can get stuck deep in your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning can help remove these spores and can prevent potentially harmful mold from growing in your carpet.

Keep Your Warranty

While carpeting looks and feels great when it's taken care of properly, it isn't always the cheapest investment. Most carpeting comes with a warranty that ensures your investment. However, make sure you read your warranty carefully and understand it completely. Most warranties require that your get professional carpet cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months. Before you have a chance to lose out on your warranty, make sure you understand its terms completely.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Aurora, Illinois

Professional carpet cleanings every six months are an important part of keeping your carpets clean and smelling fresh. If it's time for your next professional carpet cleaning in Warrenvillecontact DuPage Cleanpro in Warrenville. Give us a call at (630) 244- 8449 to schedule your carpet cleaning and learn more about our services.

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